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Add bookmarks

Choose the favorite websites you visit most often. As soon as you enter a Web address, we fetch the best quality favicon from that website. If the icon for that domain has been fetched before, load an optimized version from our global CDN.

Create categories

Organize bookmarks as you like by grouping them into categories. Create as many as you need and pick a name for each of them. Categories support emojis, so you can be creative and make them stand out.

Drag & drop

We don't pick bookmarks arrangement — you do. Edit the page to reorder bookmarks and categories by simply clicking and holding to move each favicon to the desired location. You can also drag a bookmark from one category to another. Each of the categories can be moved up and down as well.

Upload custom icons

Some of your bookmarks might link to a local dev URL like localhost, or perhaps to a location behind a firewall. In case that Superdense cannot fetch the favicon remotely, a placeholder icon will be shown so you can upload an image yourself. 

Want to overrule the default favicons and be creative with your own? On Superdense you can do that, too!

Adjust privacy settings

Mark categories as private or public, depending on your needs. 

Public categories and bookmarks will be visible on your public profile. Private categories are best for bookmarks and URLs that need to remain hidden.

Share and inspire

Superdense is a great place to showcase your portfolio, endorse the tools you use, and inspire others with practical resources. You can even dedicate a profile to your company, passion, or any topic you want, making a fantastic one-pager to promote all websites related to it.

Frequently asked questions

Getting to know Superdense a little bit better

Can I access Superdense in all my browsers and on all devices?

We use Chrome, Safari, Brave, and Firefox daily (and also Firefox Developer Edition and Opera & Opera GX sometimes) to work on our laptops, iPhones, and gaming PCs. You can log into your Superdense account on any of them, or just access your public profile if you prefer not to be logged in.

Can I import all my current bookmarks?

No, you can't. If your old bookmarks archive looks a bit like ours do, it might hold hundreds or thousands of (expired? 😬) URLs, collected over time. That's not what Superdense is for. It's designed to allow quick access to the sites and tools you use most often (which is more likely in the range of 20—100 than 500+). 
More bookmarks mean less focus, so we encourage you to be selective here.

Is there a search function?

Yes there is — just press / to access the search box and start typing. With each keystroke, the ones that don't match are dimmed, leaving the good one(s) stand out. 

Can I change the sorting order?

Yes, you can do so manually with drag and drop movements. This system works for bookmarks and for categories alike. 
Superdense doesn't offer sorting by names or dates, as we feel it's more beneficial to place each bookmark mindfully. Just like having a fixed place for your cutting board in the kitchen: if you know where you placed it, you’ll always know exactly where to look for it. 😊

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