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The composition of beautiful icons arranged in the way you love.

About us

The team

Superdense is 100% bootstrapped and self-funded, created by a passionate team of digital natives, working remotely from The Netherlands, Namibia, Nigeria, and Serbia.

For Steve, the company founder, Superdense is the third bookmark management tool he created. The first one, in the early ‘00s, was a colorful text-only static HTML page that needed to be updated via FTP whenever a new site was added to the list. The second bookmark manager was a simple PHP + MySQL web app for long-tail bookmarks, a massive archive of links that might still be needed someday. It was just a long list of URLs and their page titles featuring a small edit/delete button.

After many, many years, it was time for a new iteration, more functional and attractive than any of its predecessors. It was time for Superdense to be born.

The name

Superdense means "of extremely great density; being a highly compact state of matter". That might be the case for electrons and protons pressed together in a superdense neutron star, but as you can see we've built quite a compact bookmark manager ourselves with these wonderful favicons. So we wear the name with pride.

The software

Bookmark managers might feel old conceptually, but their usefulness is still undisputable.

What makes Superdense unique? We use no words, only favicons. For each domain and subdomain, our software fetches the best quality version available and stores it on a global CDN. Fetching only needs to be done once— anyone else who bookmarks the same site will get the optimized and cached version instantly.

Stop talking, start showing

Check out the demo of Steve's public Superdense profile.

Steve's Superdense page
The image above is just a snapshot, click on it for the live version.

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