The most compact bookmark manager for all your browsers and devices

and go PRO for just $24 $18 per year

All your favorite sites just 1 click away

No need for a long introduction. It's a bookmark manager that just so happens to be the most compact and delicious one you'll ever have. No text, just icons. That's Superdense.

It works on all browsers and devices. Now you can stop tweaking that single row bookmark bar in Chrome. You may even disable that and no longer reveal your favorite hangouts when sharing desktops on zoom or sending screenshots to others. Just set Superdense as your homepage in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Brave on your laptop, phone, tablet and gaming pc. 

Proudly create categories and share you bookmarks or keep them private. You decide. You can easily create a category for your saas tools, developer accounts, client sites, cms portals and administrative urls while keeping it for your eyes only.

The favorites you visit most often.

Organize your bookmarks as you like.

Edit to reorder bookmarks and categories.

Pick your own image or overrule the default favicons

Mark categories as private or public, you decide.

Show your portfolio and favorite tools


We believe software and services should not be free. However, we fully understand you want to try before spending any money on it. 

No credit card required

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